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General Features

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• Multi User
• Multi Company , Multi Division, Multi Department, Multi Cost Center, etc.
• Group Consolidation
• Multi Location
• Multi Decimal / Currency (2 Decimal Places, 3 Decimal Places)
• Multi Lingual (Arabic, English, etc.)
• Multi Level Security
• Modular Application Design
• Fully Integrated
• Real Time Updating

• Unlimited Facilities for Holding Historical Data
• Transaction Logging And Full Audit Trials
• Import / Export Facilities to External Systems
• Extensive Drill Down And Analysis Capabilities
• Built in Resilience with Multi Level Data Integrity Checking
(the system will continue to work even if the server or network is down)
• Integrated Report Writer
• Integrated Statistical Graphing System

• International Accounting Standards Support
• Year 2000 Compliant

Ease Of Use Features

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• High Degree Of Parameterization / User Definable Features
• On-Line Help
• Simple Point-And-Click Interface
• Facility To Incorporate Existing Company Forms / Logos etc.
• Help Desk Support
• Internet Support Option

Technical Profile

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• True Open Systems Architecture

• Object Oriented Design

• Client / Server or ‘Thin’ Client Options

• Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• Database Independent
(Oracle, IBM UDB, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL, etc.)

• Hardware Platform Independent
(HP, IBM, Sun, DG, PC, Mac, AS400, etc.)

• Operating System Independent
(NT , MS Windows'95, 98, or 2000, Unix, Mac O/S, Novell, etc.)

• Totally Scaleable (PC To Mainframe)

• SQL Compatible

• OSI Standards Networking Support

• Centralized Or Distributed Operations

• Multi Media Support

• Image Enabled

• Workflow Enabled

• EIS / OLAP/ Decision Support Options

• Seamless Links To W.P, Spread Sheets, Other Software

• Special Data Import / Export Facilities

• Internet Enabled

For more details, please download our ERP Document from the downloads section.


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